We have extensive experience with all types of roof work.

  • Replacement

If your roof is corroded or very rusty, we can replace it as an option. The same applies to cladding and box-type or concrete gutters.

  • Refurbishment

Roof sheets and side cladding can be refurbished to any colour of your choice.

  • Seal & Repair

Leaks caused by holes and other defects to your roof sheets, gutters or slabs, as well as other concrete surfaces may be sealed and repaired using specialized products specially designed for the surface.

  • Ventilators

Whirlybirds, ventilators, fans and skylights can also be installed to your requirements.

  • Installations

Polycarbonate and PVC sheeting fitted to roofs and side cladding.

  • Insulation

We fit rigid (polystyrene), flexible (Aerolite) and liquid (thermal coat) insulation to roofs.

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